What quality means to me?

When it comes to quality, depending on the industry, there are so many meanings. It can be defined as a measure /grade of excellence, superiority of kind or the most common meaning which is fitness for purpose.

There are so many drivers for quality such as customer, product/service, employee & organization and quality can be measured in many different categories such as business, management, products & etc.

Quality is conditional, perceptual & it differs depending on circumstances and perceptions. For example, quality is a different concept in terms of products against quality for services. 

As someone with business background, I define quality as per below:

  1. Outside: which refers to customers or clients and to me it is to meet customer expectations, to delight them and my goal always will be to exceed the expectation.
  2. Within the company:
    • Employee to the Company: To me it is to be reliable, dependable, proactive, and loyal & always move to positive direction. Always deliver and try to achieve zero target deviation & in terms of management is to take care of my team in a way that they won’t worry about anything except than focusing on their tasks and deliverables. Creating safe and positive environment & to be a great leader and example.
    • Company to the Employee: I believe that the quality focused companies are the ones that set clear expectation toward the employees, Value the capacity and talent and invest on it, monitoring everything & every level, promote within and celebrate the victories.

 Of course when you ask different people about the meaning of quality, there will be so many different answers but I truly believe, regardless of the answers, quality must be an ongoing process and it should be considered as a continues improvement no matter what & we all must trust that the lack of quality has a strategic impact on the organization.

“Quality is doing what is right when no one is watching”” Henry Ford.



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