Future of Mobile Market – Are Big Brands Sinking?

No doubt that the mobile market is thriving & we are absolutely positive that the future of digital marketing is going to be dominated by mobile. also technology comes with a lot of data that brands are too happy to have. But it has been an interesting journey, there have been many rise and falls.

Forbes in 2007: Can anyone catch Cell Phone King – Nokia – with 1 Billion customers?

The fact is, it is not a secret that mobile has become an integral part of everyday lives & mobile phone landscape was changing so fast that the majority of main players were having trouble adapting to it. Here are some key points:

  1. Total number of mobile phone users worldwide has reached 4.9 billion in 2018.(latest figures from Statista) as such over 50% of the mobiles users are having smartphones.
  2. Asia Pacific is the core mobile business, affordability of smartphones is the main driver for the growth mainly in China and India market & due to effort of local manufacturers is it increasing.
  3. Qualcomm has became top chipset vendor for Android devices.
  4. New Brands popularity is increasing due to their large displays and advanced camera functions in affordable segment.
  5. Over 78% of shoppers will ignore a retailer’s offer.

It’s notable how diverse each company’s strategy should be for survive, gain or to grow.

In most views, lack of adaptation to the new landscape & under minding the competition are the the main reason that some of the big brands are suffering .The fact is the big brands are now more vulnerable & are being targeted by new comers and Asian smartphone makers hoping to crush Samsung and Apple. So to sum up it is clear the landscape for the big brands is become more challenging and this have caused some to fail. Some of the key changes in mobile market are as follows:

  • China’s mobile market is now dominated by five brands, none of which is Samsung & also Apple is dropping.
  • Now we have many countries having their own brands.
  • Hybrid brands are growing really fast.
  • Key features like Camera, display size, Battery are not exclusive & are in reach of others to offer as well.
  • WIIFM is over taking brand loyalty.
  • Battle between big brands like Samsung & Apple created good opportunity for the new comers. The simple fact is that Samsung & apple are in a precarious position.

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The reality is that the mobile technology is not limited with group of vendors anymore, the technology has been matured enough that become so attractive that so many are coming and more will come to play. Many brands will born from different countries and it is not only about China & India, Indonesia, Pakistan even Philippines and Thailand are manufacturing mobiles of their own. It is going to be interesting journey and who know what gonna happen in the near future. let`s wait ,see & learn.
Iman Soltani

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